French rock band takes NFC vending machine on tour

The French four-piece and their Super Mercato Phoenix vending machine
SELLING OUT: The French four-piece with their contactless Super Mercato Phoenix vending machine

PARTNER NEWS: US fans of French rock band Phoenix can use their bank card or mobile phone to purchase merchandise during concerts from a specially commissioned pop-up vending machine that makes use of USA Technologies’ cashless payment technology and is designed to appeal to the band’s primarily post-millennial fan base.

“Traveling merchandise pop-ups make it possible for artists to increase the number of items that they can sell at a venue, festival or fan events and at a variety of price points,” USA Technologies says. “Using a vending machine makes it super easy for fans to make a purchase — just select, swipe, dispense and go.”

A video gives an overview of how the vending machine works:

“Unattended merchandise machines unlock new opportunities for the band to connect and market to its fans,” says USA Technologies’ Amelia Powell. “On top of that, Phoenix realised early on that through digital payment technology, the band is able to better understand what is selling most, what their payment preference may be and how those items are contributing to the bottom line.”

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