Khushi Baby adds biometric security to NFC health records

Khushi Baby's NFC necklace in use
PORTABLE HEALTH RECORD: This baby’s NFC necklace stores healthcare information

Khushi Baby, a service that uses NFC necklaces to track the healthcare given to mothers and babies in India, has added biometric security to its platform to further protect the personal information of patients.

“By combining the NFC, biometric and security features of the MorphoTablet, the Khushi Baby platform can authenticate individual ownership of their health record and take patient consent before making any updates — all in a manner that is offline and independent of the specific tablet used”, says biometric security supplier OT-Morpho.

Khushi Baby combines a digital health record, worn as an NFC necklace by pregnant women and babies, with a mobile application that enables community health workers to interface with the necklace and update a patient’s health record at the point of service.

“The approach allows the patient to attend any camp with any health worker and have their record read, regardless of connectivity. It also serves as auditable proof that health care reached the beneficiary,” OT-Morpho says.

“When community health workers return from the field to areas with cellular coverage, data is securely synced to a dashboard for health officials so that they can respond in real-time to health worker attendance, performance and data quality, supply side shortages at the point of care and high risk pregnancies and infancies.”

A video gives an overview of Khushi Baby:

“Our goal is to build appropriate technology to reach every mother and child to ensure their health care is properly tracked,” says Khushi Baby CEO Ruchit Nagar. “No mother or child, especially those most underserved, should be denied informed care due to an inability to access their medical history.”

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