Hasbro to create new beat with NFC music mixing game

MIX TAG: NFC-enabled Dropmix cards contain elements of players’ favourite tunes

A music mixing game that lets players create and share new tunes by mixing elements of their favourite songs contained on NFC-enabled cards is to be released globally by toy and board game provider Hasbro in September 2017.

Dropmix — developed in collaboration with video game developer Harmonix Music Systems — consists of an electronic Dropmix board, which reads up to five Dropmix cards containing NFC chips, and a Dropmix mobile app for iOS and Android. The system “seamlessly combines the music within each card to create a unique mix”, which is then awarded points.

“When a Dropmix card is placed on the Mix Slot, the electronic Dropmix board immediately starts playing the corresponding part of the song — bass, beat, loop or vocals — noted on the card,” Hasbro says.

“There’s also an option to save your mix to your device, so when you’re playing and you’ve got those cards sounding just right, you can save it for you and your friends to enjoy.

“Dropmix will be coming out in September 2017, and we’ve got over 300 Dropmix cards in store for the 2017 collection, across a variety of genres, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.”

‘Social, fun and competitive’

“Dropmix offers an entirely new way to discover, experience and interact with music that’s social, fun and competitive,” adds Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak.

“When players place their first cards on the Dropmix board this September, when they hear their first mind-blowing mix, they’re going to be completely amazed.”

The Dropmix Music Gaming System, which includes the Dropmix Board and 60 Dropmix cards, will be available for the suggested retail price of US$99.99. Additional cards will be released on an ongoing basis throughout 2017 to “allow players to collect and curate their own custom decks”.

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