Eight in 10 US consumers would prefer an Amazon Go automated store to traditional shopping

Schorr Packaging survey
AMAZON DELAY: A fifth said they would lose out with the new experience (Click to enlarge)

Some 84% of US consumers say they would enjoy shopping at an Amazon Go automated store more than a traditional grocery store, but a fifth think they would lose out on traditional shopping experiences by doing so, the results of a survey of 1,000 shoppers released by packaging solutions provider Shorr Packaging show.

Amazon employees began testing the Amazon Go store concept in December 2016. It combines a physical grocery store format with technology developed for self-driving cars to allow consumers with a dedicated mobile app to walk in, pick up the items they want and leave without going through a traditional checkout.

In the survey, nearly 75% of those questioned would either be “extremely likely or very likely” to shop at an Amazon Go store if it was close by, while over 25% would pay more for grocery products if it meant they didn’t have to wait in line at the checkout.

More than 30% of baby boomers, however, say they would be “somewhat likely or not likely” to shop at an Amazon Go store if they lived close to one, while 20% said they feel they would be losing out on something by visiting Amazon Go over a traditional grocery store.

The biggest drawbacks for shopping at an Amazon Go store over a traditional grocery store were lack of ability to use coupons (34%), lack of product selection (29%), lack of social interaction (24%) and not being able to pay with cash (12.5%).

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