Austrian bank deploys NFC-ready ATMs

Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank Group has signed a deal to install 1,200 Diebold Nixdorf ATMs in its branches equipped with QR code scanners and NFC readers. Customers will be able to pay bills by scanning the QR code printed on the bill and using the ATM’s touchscreen display. Those who already have NFC-capable cards will be able to use the ATM’s contactless functionality. The bank says this will enable it to “deploy many other new applications that allow ATMs to interact with customers’ smartphones in the future, such as a cardless cash function”.

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  1. ATMs with NFC built in or added on will be a convenience but not a necessity. Card-less ATMs using QR tags, PINs, Bluetooth, WiFi, or even cellular, are already in use. That said, the value of NFC in an ATM will be exponentially greater than its cost. Like an Ethernet card, it will become a standard, not separately priced or optional, feature.

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