NFC Forum calls on manufacturers to join NFC Tag Certification Program

The NFC Forum is calling on NFC tag manufacturers to join its new Tag Certification Program, which aims to provide global standards of interoperability with NFC-enabled mobile devices, as well as establishing tag compliance with the NFC Forum’s technical specifications.

NFC ForumThe program applies to all tag types specified by the NFC Forum to “deliver a consistent, satisfying user experience”.

“If you make or use tags or accessories with NFC tags, now is the time to join the Forum and help ensure that all NFC tag technologies deliver a consistent, global connectivity experience across all applications and environments,” says Koichi Tagawa, NFC Forum chairman.

“Innovative tag applications are growing as NFC experiences increased market adoption across the majority of mobile device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and operating systems.”

The new compliance initiative is being spearheaded by the NFC Forum’s Internet of Things Special Interest Group and Compliance Committee, and will be part of the established NFC Forum Certification Program.

In September 2016, the Forum signed agreements with the Car Connectivity Consortium, FIDO Alliance and the Smart Ticketing Alliance to collaborate on projects that will “advance the adoption and usability of NFC in key markets and technology sectors” including automotive, public transportation and digital identity.

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