Citibank launches Citi Pay mobile wallet and NFC payments service

Citibank has launched a new mobile wallet using Mastercard’s Masterpass digital payment service, allowing up to 100m of its customers to make purchases online and in-app, as well as NFC mobile payments in-store, in 33 countries.

Citibank logo Citi Pay is available to all Citi customers for online, in-app payments, while for cardholders with Android devices it will allow them to make in-store purchases by tapping their mobile at any NFC-enabled point-of-sale terminal.

Customers will be able to make online and in-app purchases using the same Citibank online user ID and password that they currently use to manage their existing online account with the bank.

‘Seamless payment options’

“Whether it is online, on a phone, or at a store, we want Citi customers to have seamless, convenient and fast payment options wherever they go,” says Barry Rodrigues at Citi.

“With Citi Pay, we are offering our customers flexibility wherever and whenever they choose to make purchases.”

New markets

Later this year, Citi Pay will roll out to Citi customers in Singapore, Australia and Mexico with NFC payment capabilities. Citi Pay will also launch in the US in early 2017, with online, in-app and tap and pay capabilities. Launches in new markets will follow, the bank adds.

Last month, Citi became the latest to join Early Warning’s bank-led digital payments network ClearXChange, allowing customers to send or receive real-time P2P payments to or from users of participating financial institutions.

It launched its mobile wallet Citi Wallet using MasterPass for US credit card holders in 2014.

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