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Samsung Pay to get iris authentication with Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Pay Iris
EYE TIME: Samsung Pay’s latest addition to the Galaxy Note range features iris recognition

Samsung Pay users will soon be able to secure purchases by scanning their eyes with the Galaxy Note 7, the latest addition to the Korean phone-maker’s pen-oriented line up.

The technology will also let device owners unlock their handsets and gain access to websites, and may soon enable them to unlock their mobile banking apps.

“The Galaxy Note 7 provides heightened security and privacy, with highly advanced biometric authentication including fingerprint scanner and iris scanning technology,” the company says. “Leveraging this iris scanning technology, the Galaxy Note 7 offers newly added services to provide an additional layer of security.

“The first is Secure Folder, a separate folder that lets users manage private apps and files securely via fingerprint, iris scanner, pattern or pin. Users may leverage this service to keep private and personal data, such as banking information, completely separate on their smartphone.

“Another added security feature, Samsung Pass, enables users to quickly log into websites on the Samsung internet browser using biometric authentication. Because users don’t have to waste time constantly inputting a username or password, Samsung Pass adds an element of convenience to the latest addition of the Galaxy Note lineup.”

Banking potential

“In addition to secure storing and faster access, Samsung is also establishing partnerships with major financial institutions such as Bank of America, Citibank and US Bank, to explore the integration of the iris scanner into mobile banking apps,” Samsung adds. “The iris recognition technology will also be used to authenticate secure purchases that are made on Samsung Pay.”

A video gives an overview of the iris scanning features on the Galaxy Note 7 handset:

“Once a user registers his or her iris information on the Galaxy Note 7, it is stored as an encrypted code,” Samsung explains. “When a user attempts to access content, such as a protected app, the infrared LED and iris camera work together to capture the iris pattern for recognition, extract and digitize the pattern, and compare the digitized pattern with the encrypted code to verify access.

“Samsung’s proprietary technology also makes use of the light emitted from the Galaxy Note 7’s display so the scanner can receive data even in low light environments. Together, these components ensure that iris readings are accurate and speedy. In fact, iris scanning requires fewer registration trials and results in fewer false acceptances than fingerprint scanning.”

The Galaxy Note 7 will be available from 19 August.

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