Citibank customers in New York get ATM access via BLE beacons

Customers at Citibank’s smart banking branches in Manhattan, New York have been gaining cardless after-hours entry to ATM lobbies using their iPhone or Apple watch and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons installed by Gimbal.

Citibank logo By opting in to the service, which is currently being piloted at select branches across the city, customers will receive a notification on their device asking if they would like to unlock door of the ATM lobby. By tapping the screen, they are granted access.

“Beacon technology turns each customer’s smartphone into a key unlocking the door,” Gimbal says. “Customers will also receive location-based branch notifications with special offers, events and greetings. Citibank’s use of beacon technology is just the latest in a series of new technologies the bank is rolling out and exploring.”

The bank began testing a screenless, cardless ATM concept developed by Diebold that lets customers make transactions using their mobile device instead of a plastic card and authenticate themselves using NFC, QR or an iris scan in October 2015.


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