Canada’s Ugo Wallet to add support for HCE

Ugo Wallet
ON THE CARDS: Ugo’s open NFC mobile wallet will add HCE by the early summer

Canadian open NFC mobile wallet provider Ugo is in the process of incorporating a host card emulation (HCE) solution into its Ugo Wallet and expects to begin offering the service by the early summer of this year, the company has told NFC World.

Credit card providers MBNA and Cuets Financial are also working to add their MasterCard credit card portfolios to the Ugo Wallet and will become the third and fourth major credit card issuers to join the service.

“Ugo is currently in the process of incorporating a HCE solution into Ugo Wallet — we expect to bring it to market by early summer 2016,” Ugo says. “This addition to the wallet will allow us to provide a better customer experience and to extend secure mobile payments to more customers on more devices.

“More details about how it will be incorporated into the wallet will be made available when it is officially launched.”

Ugo Wallet was developed by Canadian banks President’s Choice Financial and TD Bank Group and was converted into an open NFC wallet proposition in November 2014. The company revealed in October 2015 that it had signed up more than 100,000 users.

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  1. Good, because I used it on my previous phone, and can’t use it on my flagship upgrade because of the arbitrary device specific approval system that they currently have in place.
    Excellent news! Looking forward to be able to use UGO wallet again!

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