Barclaycard begins rolling out HCE payments to mobile app

Barclaycard has begun rolling out a host card emulation (HCE) based mobile payment feature to its mobile app this week, with a complete rollout expected by early next week.

Barclaycard app “We announced in September last year that we would be expanding the functionality of our Android mobile app to include contactless mobile payments and real-time replacement for lost or stolen cards,” Barclaycard told NFC World. “We’re excited to say that functionality started rolling out to customers this week and we expect all eligible Barclaycard holders to have the new features over the coming few days.”

Barclaycard customers using this feature will be able to make HCE-based NFC payments for transactions up to £30 (US$43) with a touch of their device at any contactless terminal. Users can make high-value contactless payments of up to £100 (US$143) by entering their PIN on their mobile device.

Customers will also be able to have lost or stolen plastic cards instantly re-issued to their mobile devices so they can continue making payments, Barclaycard’s Manoj Piplani told NFC World in November last year.

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