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Diebold takes NFC to the self-checkout

NEW CONCEPT: Diebold’s self-checkout allows payment for self-scanned items with NFC

ATM manufacturer Diebold has unveiled a mobile-enabled self-checkout concept that would let shoppers use their mobile device to scan items they want to buy while shopping in-store before checking out at a self-service POS terminal with NFC. The company will be demonstrating the idea at the NRF Big Show next week.

“The new concept enables consumers to scan items they want to purchase while shopping in-store via their mobile device,” the company says. “Once a customer is ready to pay, they simply tap their phone at the self-checkout unit to pay for the items when exiting.

“Payment is made via preloaded card information found in the consumer’s mobile wallet within the retailer’s mobile app or cash inserted into the terminal.”

“Cashback can also be offered through the checkout terminal, which can function as an ATM,” Diebold adds. The company sees the product offering benefits that include eliminating traditional checkout lines and building consumer loyalty through the use of stored value cards, mobile marketing campaigns and membership rewards programmes.

“Our omnichannel expertise has enabled us to reimagine the use of our fast, secure ATM technology to power the new, mobile-enabled self-checkout,” says Frank Natoli, executive vice president of self-service technology.

“A convergence of the ATM, self-checkout and mobile would not only deliver speed and convenience to consumers, but also standardises all cash handling into a single automated experience.”

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