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Barclaycard to use HCE to instantly replace lost and stolen cards

Barclaycard customers will be able to use the host card emulation (HCE) function being added to the bank’s app to have lost or stolen plastic cards instantly re-issued to their mobile devices so they can continue making payments, Manoj Piplani, managing director of UK cards at Barclaycard, has told NFC World. They will also be able to use the service to make mobile payments of up to £100 (US$151.99).

Manoj Piplani
ROLL OUT: Barclaycard’s Manoj Piplani

To use the instant card replacement service, customers will need to report their card as lost, stolen or damaged by calling the contact centre for free from inside the app. Their virtual replacement card will then be downloaded, ready for immediate use. A plastic card replacement will follow in the post.

“We’re putting together the finishing touches and will announce details of the roll out very soon,” Piplani explained.

“There’s no need for existing users [of the Barclaycard Android app] to download, register, upload or add card details into a new app — you just complete the simple opt-in process and away you go. Users of the mobile payment function will be asked periodically to log-in to the app to confirm their identity. They will also have the option of turning on PIN protection for payments up to £30 — it will be required for all payments over £30 and up to £100.

“This functionality allows our customers to manage their account on the go, make contactless payments up to £100 and have a lost or stolen card instantly re-issued — letting them continue to make contactless payments straightaway.”

New proposition

“This is a brand new proposition designed for our Android users and separate to the Apple Pay proposition,” Piplani continued. “We have announced that we will be bringing Apple Pay functionality to both Barclays and Barclaycard customers.

“This announcement is the latest in our range of ‘Pay your Way’ options. We created this proposition in line with our customer needs and thereby anticipate an increase in mobile payment usage through the app.

“These features are set to transform Android phones into a mobile hub that allows customers to manage their finances and access their money whatever time of day it is and wherever they are.”

“We are constantly looking for ways to make our customers lives easier and are looking to make a number of announcements this year and in 2016,” Piplani added.

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