Yapi Kredi launches HCE mobile payments in Turkey

Customers of Turkish bank Yapi Kredi can now make host card emulation (HCE) based mobile payments using a Yapi Kredi Wallet that enables purchases to be made at any contactless terminal with a tap of an Android NFC device.

Yapi Kredi “Yapi Kredi Wallet offers Yapi Kredi customers a variety of benefits such as displaying the closest shopping points to their location and Worldcard campaigns at these points as well as accessing credit card information such as recent shopping transactions, limit status and points information,” Yapi Kredi says.

“Available for all Yapi Kredi credit card owners, this application will make users’ lives easier and play a major role in the digital transformation of the banking industry.”

“Customers can now easily access World opportunities and many other private offers and display all close-by shopping points and brands available at these points,” says Serkan Ulgen, executive VP of individual banking and card payment systems at Yapi Kredi.

“Moreover, we enabled mobile payment through HCE technology on Android devices,” Ulgen adds. “Our customers can make their payments by just tapping their Android smartphones to contactless POS terminals. I believe all these features will enable our customers to experience a much more innovative credit card use.”

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