LitePoint white paper sets out the need for NFC device performance testing

LitePoint white paper

A white paper that explains the benefits of NFC device performance testing, explores the limitations of common production test methods and outlines best practices for ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of devices under test is now available to download from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

‘Test considerations for NFC-enabled devices in manufacturing: Why it is important and how to perform effective tests’ has been produced by wireless testing specialist LitePoint and is aimed at helping manufacturers implement quality control measures to ensure that their NFC devices work consistently and as intended.

The 12-page paper begins with an introduction to NFC and goes on to explain the importance of NFC manufacturing tests, examining the characteristics of the NFC layer, antenna coils and key NFC measurements. It concludes with a presentation of the LitePoint NFC solution, a test system optimised for both production lines and labs that is designed to enable device makers to achieve NFC performance goals.

“Though considered a relatively simple technology, the performance of an NFC subsystem can be impacted by subtle variations that may occur during device production,” LitePoint says. “Therefore, manufacturers need to employ verification tests to ensure that NFC-enabled products work as intended.”

Readers can download this white paper free of charge here.

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