Scotiabank expands availability of NFC mobile wallet service

Canada’s Scotiabank has expanded the reach of its SIM-based NFC mobile wallet service to four additional mobile network operators by connecting to EnStream, the joint venture between carriers Bell Mobility, Telus and Rogers Communications that acts as a single connection point between the country’s card issuers and mobile network operators.

Scotiabank“The bank added Bell, Telus, Virgin and Koodo subscribers to the base of Rogers subscribers already served with their customer-focused mobile wallet,” EnStream says. “By connecting to EnStream, Scotiabank becomes the fourth of Canada’s six largest financial institutions to use the hub for connectivity to mobile subscribers.

“EnStream enables credit, debit and prepaid cards offered by all participating financial institutions across all wireless carriers in Canada. The number of NFC SIM cards in Canada, also required for SIM based mobile payments, has doubled to over 4m during the first six months of the year and continues to exhibit strong growth, showing strong mobile network operator commitment to mobile payments across Canada.”

“We are very pleased to add Scotiabank to the card issuing banks we serve,” says Almis Ledas, EnStream COO. “Global organisations are becoming increasingly aware that collaborative platforms are necessary for the growth of mobile payments. EnStream is proud that Canada is recognised around the world as an example of a market that is successfully bringing secure and consistent mobile payment services to market.”

MTS and SaskTel became the latest Canadian mobile network operators to launch NFC mobile payment services using EnStream in May 2015. Other mobile network operators will be “added soon”, according to the joint venture.

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