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Grupo Aval introduces in-store mobile payments and offers in Colombia

Grupo Aval
PERSONAL TOUCH: Grupo Aval’s Aval Pay app offers tailored discounts and promotions

Grupo Aval, Colombia’s largest financial services group, has launched a mobile payment and offers service that lets customers of its Av Villas, Banco de Bogotá, Banco de Occidente and Banco Popular banks make in-store payments using a code generated on their mobile phone.

The Aval Pay mobile app is powered by mobile payment specialist YellowPepper in partnership with payment processor Credibanco and will offer personalised promotions and discounts that can be applied to purchases at participating merchant stores based on a user’s location and usage history.

“The application allows you to make payments in different Aval Pay affiliated merchants as well as access promotions designed for you,” Grupo Aval says. “To shop with Aval Pay, you must perform three steps — create an account, register your card and activate your card. When you want to make a payment, follow these steps.

“Enter the application. Press the ‘Pay Now’ button at the bottom of your screen. It generates a code. Tell the merchant that you want to make a purchase with Aval Pay and provide it when required. When the merchant enters the code, you receive a notification in the application asking you to confirm the purchase.

“If you agree with the amount charged, click the ‘Confirm’ button. After this, you will receive a notification confirming the purchase. Aval Pay allows the registration of all Visa bank cards and MasterCard soon.”

The following Spanish language video gives an overview of Aval Pay:

“Aval Pay designs personalised promotions depending on geographic location, personal preferences and usage history of each user,” the company adds. “Aval Pay promotions appear in the ‘Promotions’ section of the application. When there are special promotions, Aval Pay sends notifications via the application.

“There is no commission or fees of any kind to use Aval Pay. Aval Pay is available and ready for download from Google and soon in App Store.”

“We constantly strive to make our customers’ payment methods as safe and effortless as possible and technology provided by YellowPepper and Credibanco allows us to do so,” says Jose Manuel Ayerbe, VP of marketing at Grupo Aval.

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