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How to develop a mobile payments roadmap — See it now on NFC World

NFC World’s ‘How to develop a mobile payments roadmap’ webinar is now available to view online. 584 people signed up to take part in the live event and participants gave the webinar an overall rating of 3.8 out of five.

Gemalto's Dominique Brule
EXPERT: Gemalto’s Dominique Brulé

The 45-minute webcast was hosted by Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World, and featured presentations by Dominique Brulé, head of marketing for Gemalto’s Mobile Financial Services business group, and Gemalto North America’s Naomi Lurie.

The webinar took place on September 22 and topics covered included:

  • The four main trends driving change for banks today;
  • The guiding principles for building a mobile payments roadmap, including how to combine short term tactics with a long term vision, the different security options available and how to establish a strategy for continuous innovation;
  • Tips on how to remain competitive and relevant to customers, how to market a mobile wallet effectively and why it matters to invest in visibility to encourage customer adoption;
  • How to be vigilant about security, ensuring an end-to-end security framework is in place before launch, and a look at the different security solutions available;
  • An explanation of tokenisation and its various use cases beyond in-store payments;
  • Why it’s important for banks to innovate and think of new ways to use mobile payment technology to further their business and what they can do to make sure they have an agile strategy in place.

The presentation was followed by an extensive Q&A session that covered trusted execution environments (TEE), how banks can make use of TEE technology and when this approach to securing credentials is likely to gain widespread adoption.

A full recording of the webinar is now available free of charge in the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre, along with a downloadable slide deck from the event.

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