Four in five Apple Watch owners use Apple Pay

Some 80% of Apple Watch owners that are eligible to use Apple Pay have already done so, research from Wristly has found, with 79% saying they prefer using the mobile payments service on their Apple Watch over their iPhone.

Apple Pay More than half (51%) describe using the service on their Apple Watch as “magical” and 42% describe it as “convenient”.

The Apple Watch Insider’s Report, based on the responses of more than 1,000 Apple Watch owners in the US and UK, found:

  • 78% are using Apple Pay on their Apple Watch on a weekly basis, 61% are using it occasionally, 14% are using it daily and 4% are using it multiple times a day;
  • 86% are now actively looking for Apple Pay branding materials when checking out and, when Apple Pay is available, 81% are continuing to use it to complete their payment;
  • 11% of users have configured more than four cards in their Apple Pay setup on their Apple Watch and 69% have set up one or two cards.

How respondents use Apple Pay

  • Everyday shopping (81%);
  • Everyday services such as paying for a Starbucks (60%);
  • Bigger purchases (35%);
  • In-app purchases (29%)
  • Other purchases (11%).


  • 96% agree with the statement that they would like to use Apple Pay on their Apple Watch in more retail locations;
  • 95% agree that it’s easy to use;
  • 93% agree that it’s fast;
  • 91% agree that it’s secure;
  • 88% agree that is protects their privacy.

Key concerns

  • Bank or card issuer doesn’t support Apple Pay (29%);
  • Uncertainty about the stores that accept it (19%);
  • User didn’t take the time to set it up (17%);
  • Payment needs are being met without it (15%);
  • 5% have concerns over its security;
  • 5% are unsure about the benefits of the service.

“Our data suggests that Apple Pay on the Watch could eventually reach an adoption rate as high as 95%,” says Wristly founder Bernard Desarnauts.

“Sixty-two per cent of our panelists report a preference for doing business with merchants due at least in part to that store’s decision to support Apple Pay.

“Early in June, we reported that 65% of the members of our panel who had set up Apple Pay were using it on a weekly basis. Fast forward to August and, two months later, a total of 78% of our panel members who have set up Apple Pay are reporting using it at least once in the last week and 14% claiming a daily (or more) usage rate.

“That’s more than a 15% increase and illustrates an incredibly fast pace of usage and adoption.”

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