Crunchfish unveils touchless storefront using gesture recognition

Crunchfish Touchless Storefront
WAVE FORM: Interactive screen meant to mimic online convenience and generate loyalty

Swedish gesture recognition firm Crunchfish has developed an interactive screen that can be placed in shop windows to encourage passersby to browse deals, read reviews and compare products with a swipe, push or grab of their hand.

“The two initial concepts are Retail Experience and the Real Estate Match,” Crunchfish says. “In Retail Experience, the consumer swipes to browse through images of clothing, whereas the Real Estate Match is an interactive quiz that prompts the house-buyer to select images that best represents their taste with specific gestures like a push, swipe or grab.

“With the Touchless Storefront, we have created an interactive screen meant to mimic online convenience to browse deals, read reviews and compare products. Gesture recognition technology creates both functional and emotional benefits to the consumer that brands crave for customer loyalty.”

The Touchless Storefront has been developed in collaboration with two students from Lund University.

“This is in prototype/development phase and currently not in commercial use anywhere,” Crunchfish CEO Joakim Nydemark told NFC World. “We are in discussions regarding commercial projects and hope to have something live later this year.”

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