DS Tags launches electronic luggage label with NFC and Bluetooth

DS Bagtag
READY FOR TAKE-OFF: DS Bagtag aims to stylishly speed up airport baggage handling

Netherlands-based DS Tags is at an advanced stage with “several top-tier airlines” in planning the delivery of DS Bagtag, a solution that incorporates an NFC- and Bluetooth-enabled electronic luggage label, a secure cloud-based travel document delivery service platform and a mobile app that lets the user check themselves and their luggage onto their flight before arriving at the airport.

“The DS Bagtag is updated via an NFC- and/or Bluetooth-enabled smartphone during off-airport online check-in,” the company explained to NFC World. “The whole check-in and tag update is done off airport. After checking in, you will receive the boarding pass and Bagtag data on the DS Flightbook app on your smartphone and then you transfer the Bagtag data via NFC/Bluetooth to the DS Bagtag device.”

A video shows a demonstration of the DS Bagtag solution in action:

“DS Tags was faced with the challenge to reimagine the traditional thermal paper bag tag and come up with a design that is able to withstand the harsh conditions checked baggage have to endure, is simple to use anytime anywhere and still looks desirable,” says Erik Harkes, CEO and founder of DS Tags.

“Travellers will appreciate the simplified and much faster airport baggage drop-off process. It saves time and frustration for travellers, whereas airlines will have a simplified and more efficient baggage handling process. It truly changes the way we travel with checked baggage.”

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