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NXP offers pre-validated NFC mPOS module


PARTNER NEWS: An mPOS module that provides developers with “a complete hardware and software reference demonstrator for secure near field communication enabled mobile point of sale solutions” has been developed by NXP in partnership with Creditcall and ViewAt Technology.

The demonstrator is pre-validated for EMVCo, PCI and PBOC transactions, NXP says, and aims to enable “system designers to incorporate the technology into future payment terminals, devices and infrastructures.”

The full press release is below:

NXP, Creditcall and ViewAt Technology Introduce Secure Solution for NFC-enabled Mobile Point of Sale

New Demonstrator Enables Faster Design Time for Mobile Payment Solutions

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, Feb 2, 2015 — NXP Semiconductors NV, Creditcall and ViewAt Technology Co today announced the launch of a complete hardware and software reference demonstrator for secure near field communication (NFC) enabled mobile point of sale (mPoS) solutions. The demonstrator provides a universal solution for all payment technologies — covering both cards and mobile payments — and is pre-validated for international EMVCo and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. The demonstrator also conforms to the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) specification for financial transactions, enabling secure transactions in small local retailers, for local service businesses or for delivery-based merchants, such as taxi drivers or food delivery services. The mPOS demonstrator provides a full payment terminal experience to small merchants resulting in shorter queues and reduced waiting time to pay. By equipping store staff with mPOS devices merchants will now also be able to create multiple points-of-payment in their stores maximizing the opportunity to sell.

The reference module offers NFC payment functionality in an mPOS system, enabling system designers to incorporate the technology into future payment terminals, devices and infrastructures. According to ABI research, the installed base of mobile point-of-sale systems will grow from 1.4 million units in 2012 to around 51 million units in 2019. Recent market developments indicate that the use of NFC technology for secure payments will further increase as NFC payment card functionality becomes increasingly integrated in mobile devices.

“As mobile payments become ubiquitous we will start to see new markets and applications flourish. New use-cases will be created and the simplicity of mobile payments will become part of our everyday lives. Our new module helps designers that are not yet familiar with mobile payment technologies get a head start in their development cycle and push the boundaries of innovation,” said Paul Hubmer, general manager NFC reader solutions, NXP Semiconductors.

“We are pleased to be working with NXP to develop this new innovative mPOS reference demonstrator, as the evolution of the global payments industry continues to create a wealth of opportunities for consumers and business across the world,” said Jeremy Gumbley, CTO, Creditcall. “Creditcall develops EMV solutions that enable companies to future-proof their business with the ability to embrace new technologies and innovative products in a simple and secure way. The combination of tested hardware and Creditcall’s proven track record of secure EMV kernel technology will ensure mobile payments stay within reach of all retailers.”

The mPOS demonstrator incorporates all the necessary hardware and software modules needed to create a mobile point-of-sale. ViewAt Technology developed the hardware for the mPOS module which can be licensed as a white label mPOS device to end customers. The PCI certificate included with the demonstrator can be reused by customers thus simplifying the final certification process. Creditcall, a globally leading supplier of EMV payment terminal SW kernels, is providing its knowledge and expertise to support the EMVL2 contact and contactless kernels needed by customers for the mPOS module. The end customer will license the EMVL2 kernel directly from Creditcall. This comprehensive solution enables system integrators to bring NFC payment applications to market faster, saving over six months design time and simplifying the final certification process.

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VIEWAT is a leading EFT POS and EMV PINPAD solutions provider in China. VIEWAT is focus on POS terminal, PINPAD designing solution, manufacture, development and consultancy services. Our POS and PINPAD are compliant with EMV Ll and L2, VISA PCI PED. VIEWAT also develops EMV L1 and L2 testing devices and testing platform. The basic rule of VIEWAT is to create the value together and share the value together.

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