Vinci Park introduces NFC car parking tickets

Vinci NFC parking mobile app developed with Orange in Caen, France
PARK LIFE: Virtual parking tickets are validated by holding the smartphone to a terminal

Drivers in the French city of Caen can now tap their NFC phone to terminals in Vinci Park car parks to retrieve a virtual parking ticket, with NFC payments due to be added in future.

Vinci Park is working with mobile network operator Orange on the introduction of Simplypass, a mobile app which stores the virtual ticket created when a driver enters the car park.

The company says a payment module will be added so tickets can be paid for directly from the app.

“Download the Simplypass application from Google Play. Hold up your smartphone to the ticket machine upon entering the car park. A virtual ticket is created. When you are ready to leave the car park, hold up your smartphone to the terminal or automatic ticket machine to validate your parking pass,” Vinci Park explains.

“You can then pay according to the payment method of your choice (cash, credit card or Liber-T electronic toll collection system). Hold up your smartphone to the exit terminal and leave the car park. You can track your use from the mobile application; invoices are created electronically as well.

“After this preliminary phase, a payment module will be added to the application so customers can use their smartphones to pay for their parking passes directly.”

“With the Simplypass application, we are moving forward with our innovation strategy and continuing to make customers our top priority by offering them a more streamlined system and a unique city parking experience,” says David Kownator, transformation director at Vinci Park.

“The goal of Orange is to make its customers’ daily experiences easier,” adds Thierry Millet, director of the payment and contactless system programme at Orange. “Through our partnership with Vinci Park, we are continuing to expand the use of NFC services. In Caen, a leading urban region in NFC technology, customers can use their smartphones to tour the city, use public transport, make purchases and, now, park their vehicles.”

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