Digipas secures suitcases with NFC luggage lock

egeetouch NFC luggage lock
TAP TO OPEN: eGeeTouch NFC luggage lock is designed to be built into bags and suitcases

An NFC-enabled luggage lock that can be unlocked with a tap of an NFC device or a pre-programmed NFC tag has been shown off at CES in Las Vegas.

The eGeeTouch luggage lock is made by Connecticut-based Digipas, and is designed to be built into bags and suitcases by luggage manufacturers.

“These smart electronic locks require no key, no dial and no memorising [of a] combination code, hence no fuss for safeguarding personal belongings during travel, which the traditional cumbersome mechanical dial locks are unable to match,” the company says.

The device can be unlocked using an NFC tag or an NFC mobile device, as well as a mechanical backup key. A built-in USB port allows users to power the lock from an external source if the two AAA batteries inside it — expected to last for at least three years — run flat.

The mechanical part of the lock is also TSA-compliant, meaning that US border staff can open luggage for inspection using their master keys.

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