Target includes Apple Pay in mobile app

MCX member Target has integrated Apple Pay into its mobile app but is not accepting payments via Apple Pay in its stores, the retailer has told NFC World+. “We are accepting Apple Pay for online purchases made in the Target app,” the merchant explained. “Our point-of-sale terminals are not NFC-enabled.” A group of the company’s headquarters employees have been testing the MCX CurrentC mobile payment app in a number of stores since October, Target added.

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  1. POS terminals are not NFC-enabled because Target turned them off, on purpose. CurrentC is what Target wants because it saves them money by using your checking account instead of a credit card. Apple Pay requires your credit card info only and does not pass it to the store only a one use payment id. CurrentC will require you to give the store your checking acct info, Social Security #, and drivers license #. Do you want to trust any retailer with that information?
    Will Target et al leave their NFC terminals turned off when credit card issuers implement “chip and pin” in 2015 and the stores, not the banks, become liable for fraudulent charges if the NFC terminals are turned off? Considering their continued inability to protect your info I’d guess no!

    1. Target closed the access points that were vulnerable after the breach.

      And Target has been replacing their card readers with new card readers which will do the chip and pin cards. In fact their REDCards are all switching to chip and pin and they’re going to be issuing those in early 2015.

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