Invitation to contribute to the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre

NFC World+ is introducing a new service in September 2014 that will go beyond the news to provide our readers with in-depth information on the technologies driving the future of commerce.

NFC World editor Sarah Clark
SARAH CLARK: “Our editorial team is looking forward to hearing from you”

Initial expressions of interest are now invited from readers who would like to share their technical knowledge, the lessons learned from running pilots and early rollouts, and insights on the future of the market with our 100,000+ monthly visitors.

The NFC World+ Knowledge Centre is a unique, new educational resource that combines information on the market as a whole with an on-going program of “hot topics” that provide detailed insights into specific technologies, use cases and markets.

The service is completely free of charge for readers to access and all contributions will be highlighted on the main NFC World+ website, providing contributors with an unrivalled audience in terms of both quality and size.

If you would like to contribute your knowledge and expertise to the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre, full details of what we are looking for and how to contribute are available here. We look forward to working with you!

• The NFC World+ Knowledge Centre is currently undergoing beta testing and will launch on 4 September. You are welcome to take a look around now and try the service out — we have seeded the site with back issues of The Mobile Wallet Report, past NFC World+ webinars and some white papers to get you started.

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