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Walgreens tests augmented reality offers in stores

Walgreens augmented reality
REWARDING: Walgreens customers can see offers and rewards ‘pop out’ of shelves

US pharmacy chain Walgreens is piloting a shopper marketing platform that uses Google’s Project Tango 3D augmented reality technology to let shoppers locate a particular product, get directions to the correct aisle and earn rewards as they shop.

The retailer is using technology developed by in-store mapping and rewards provider Aisle411 for the pilot, enabling personalised coupons, offers and rewards to ‘pop out’ of the shelf as customers walk around a store, and give shoppers a 3D image of their route. Customers can also collect loyalty rewards just for walking down particular aisles.

A Project Tango device clipped on to a shopping cart is being used in the pilots to give shoppers an augmented reality view of the store. A video shows the technology in action:

“The locations that are testing the technology will have devices available in-store for shoppers,” Aisle411 explained to NFC World+. “We will be working with Walgreens to test it in select markets across the country including locations in New York, Chicago, Seattle and St Louis.”

“When we saw Aisle411 were working with Google Project Tango to create immersive mobile experiences inside a store, we immediately knew this was something we had to be a part of building,” says Tim McCauley, senior director of mobile commerce at Walgreens.

“This is something so unique, you can only experience it in one of our stores and only with a Tango device powered by our formula. It’s going to be very exciting to see how this evolves the future of the shopping experience.”

“Today’s shoppers are engaged with their mobile devices while in-store,” adds Aisle411 CEO Nathan Pettyjohn. “They are smart and digitally savvy, and in this highly competitive retail ecosystem it’s critical for retailers that their shoppers have the right tools to keep them engaged in the shopping experience. This new application is a fun way to shop and is sure to engage anyone using it.”

More than 12,500 retailers across the US currently use Aisle411’s mobile mapping and marketing platform, and further merchants are expected to test the new technology.

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