Clover adds customer feedback loop to merchant receipts

An instant customer feedback platform developed by DropThought has been added to POS maker Clover’s app market, enabling customers to interact with merchants via their digital or printed receipt. In the near future, customers will also be able to provide feedback while in a store, via the signature screen on the Clover POS device.

FEEDBACK: CEO Karan Chaudhry

“There are multiple ways they can give feedback,” Karan Chaudhry, CEO of DropThought, explained to NFC World+. “They can take any form of receipt, whether it is a print receipt, email receipt, text receipt or web receipt and there will be a link to give direct feedback to the merchants on all those receipt formats.

“If it is a digital receipt format, there will be a link they can click on. On the email or print receipt format, it will be a QR code that they can scan.”

“Clover generates the receipts and what we have done is we have written out the receipt so if that merchant is using DropThought, they can interject and change the receipt with these really fantastic capabilities,” added Mark Schulze, CEO of Clover.

“I love it because it gives the merchants the ability to get negative feedback in real time, so if somebody is dissatisfied and they give you a low rating, DropThought enables it so that the merchant can be notified immediately and they can take action if necessary.

“The best way to manage a merchant’s reputation is to be aware and responsive immediately and I think that is what’s so exciting and so useful about this product, and what is so interesting about this integration.”

DropThought is currently available to Clover merchants on a 30-day free trial and will then cost US$10 a month.

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