Square uses digital receipts to create conversations between consumers and merchants

Square Feedback
FEEDBACK: Customers can click on a smiling or unhappy face to give their response

Mobile point-of-sale specialist Square has introduced a new service that “turns the receipt into a conversation channel”.

Square Feedback “prompts customers to send feedback on their experience directly to the business owner through their digital receipt,” the company says. “Sellers can also respond directly to customers, resolve issues one on one, and protect their reputation.”

The new service means that customers who make purchases from a Square seller and receive their receipt via email or text are now also provided with a feedback button that asks “How was your experience?”. They can then click on either a smiling or unhappy face to give their feedback, optionally add further details and choose whether they wish to get a response from the merchant.

Square sellers receive an email alert whenever a customer leaves a comment and can use their Square Dashboard to respond, ask follow-up questions “and correct mistakes or misunderstandings”. Square does not share the shopper’s email address with the seller.

Square Feedback costs merchants US$10 a month after a 30-day free trial and forms part of the mPOS specialist’s new focus on adding value to its merchant offering. Earlier this week, Square closed down its consumer-facing Square Wallet service.

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