TagTalk crowdfunds NFC gift tags

Tagtalk's NFC gift tags

Canadian startup TagTalk has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a range of interactive gift tags that allow the sender to upload a voice note, photo or video that the recipient can access by tapping their NFC phone on the tag.

Each gift tag contains an embedded NTAG203 NFC chip and carries a QR code printed on its reverse, for those without an NFC phone.

To upload content, users download the free TagTalk app and activate their tag by tapping their NFC phone against it or by scanning the QR code. They can then upload pictures, audio and video to create a personalised interactive greeting. The recipient can then retrieve the message with their smartphone, without the need to download the TagTalk app. Using a “direct-reply” function, the sender can also receive real-time read notifications.

To launch the service the team is looking for C$15,000 by 16 May 2014. “The majority of the allocated fund will be used in the production cycle, in essence, to mass-produce the tags with qualified NFC and gift tag manufacturers,” TagTalk explains. “We will also use the fund to assist with accessing local markets, organisations and networks with a vision that one day, you will be able to purchase our tags directly from local retailers.”

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