German carriers team up with MasterCard for NFC payments

Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica Deutschland and Vodafone have connected their TSM platforms to MasterCard-owned Trevica‘s TSM platform for card issuers, providing German banks with a single entry point for deploying NFC payments to 80% of the local population — and MasterCard plans to offer a similar service in other European countries this year.

The idea, MasterCard says, is to create a “one stop shop” for banks and mobile operators, with the aim of speeding up the development of NFC payments.

Trevica TSM, before and after
TSM: Trevica acts as a single point of contact for the banks. Click to enlarge.

“The three mobile operators represent 80% of mobile customers in Germany, which means that banks and financial institutions can hugely accelerate their ability to provide mass- market mobile payment services to consumers,” MasterCard says. “Instead of connecting to individual mobile operators, issuing banks can now connect to Trevica and have access to a number of mobile operators with one single integration to the Trevica platform.”

‘We want to enable banks to reach more of their customers with secure NFC,” Stefano Parisse, Vodafone’s group director for consumer services, explains. “By reducing the cost for banks to integrate and by reducing their time to market, we are confident that we have a model for Germany that will work around Europe.”

“Mobile payment has already entered the German market,” Michael Kurz, Telefónica Deutschland’s vice president for digital partnerships adds. “This new partnership will further speed up the use and acceptance of mobile payment and will bring more efficiency and transparency amongst the various players in the market.”

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