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Taglio offers smartcard-secured access for Android devices


Smart card security specialist Taglio has produced a smart card integration kit for Android devices that supports contactless cards and NFC devices as well as standard mobile phones and employee cards, enabling companies to provide staff with a way to securely access internal resources from their mobile phones.

“Our focus is largely on the enterprise market, industries such as healthcare, where tablets are becoming more and more common, and oil and gas where many employees work in the field,” Taglio’s Wouter Habraken told NFC World.

“There are lots of environments currently where people use smart cards to log in to PCs via a card reader. This kit allows that process to be done on Android devices, either with a card reader or the phone’s own NFC.”

“What we find is that large oil and gas companies, for example, have contractors or partners who need to have access to the company’s online services,” he explains. “What they can do is basically put together everything that’s needed for that user to use a smart card, issued by them, to connect.”

“Until now the integration of smart cards into Android applications has required complex development and integration of multiple software and hardware components and drivers,” the company says. “With Taglio TSC integrating smart cards has been simplified.”