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Maplin and RapidNFC bring NFC tags to the high street

A RapidNFC NFC Retail Pack

UK electronics retailer Maplin has teamed with RapidNFC to bring NFC tags to the British high street through its 200 stores.

The chain will stock RapidNFC’s NFC Retail Pack range, including the popular Multicolour Mini Stickers Retail Pack that contains 12 NFC sticker tags in varying colours.

The packs are designed with special protective internal shielding to prevent any accidental — or otherwise — encoding of the tags while they’re still in the packaging, says RapidNFC.

“Consumers have becoming increasingly aware of NFC and how to use it,” CEO Phil Coote explains. “RapidNFC is proud to be the first company to offer a complete NFC product range designed specifically for the retail environment.

“Through partnerships with leading retailers we will be able increase the availability of NFC products and raise awareness of the technology.”

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