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Motorola unveils NFC clip to unlock Moto X

TAP TO UNLOCK: Motorola's Skip clip also comes with three Skip Dots, NFC stickers that can be used to unlock a Moto X phone
TAP TO UNLOCK: Motorola’s Skip clip comes with three Skip Dots, NFC stickers that can also be used to unlock a Moto X phone

Motorola has announced Skip, an NFC tag-based clip accessory for its Moto X flagship handset that enables the user to unlock the phone without entering a PIN.

“Skip is a thin, thumb-sized clip that pairs with your Moto X and unlocks it with a simple tap,” says the Google-owned company. “There are three Skip dots included with each Skip. Skip dots are stickers that, like Skip, provide authentication and also create ‘trusted zones’ for touchless control.”

Only Skip and Skip dots that have been manually paired with a phone will unlock it, while unlocking can still be done in the conventional way should the tags be lost.

The clip is designed to attach to the user’s clothing. “Wear Skip on your shirt sleeve, shirt hem, belt loop — wherever it feels most comfortable,” suggests the company.

Motorola will make the Skip available in line with the launch of Moto X for around US$20 while, for a limited time, those ordering the Moto X through customisation site Moto Maker will receive a Skip for free.

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