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Linkett transforms ordinary TVs into interactive ad panels

Linkett transforms an ordinary TV into an NFC-based interactive advertising display

Canadian digital signage network WestonExpressions has introduced Linkett, a device that plugs into a USB or HDMI connection to transform standard TVs into NFC-enabled interactive advertising displays.

The Linkett unit
LINKETT: Connects to a TV and is positioned at the lower front of the display. Click to enlarge.

Linkett also contains a motion sensor that recognises when a visitor walks by or stops to look at the screen, changing the content based on the user’s level of interest.

Coupons, apps, games or other incentives can be obtained by the user through NFC and clients can adjust the advertising and track interactions remotely via an online platform.

A video shows how the device could be used in practice, to add interactivity to TVs located in stores and shopping malls:

Linkett is now available to pre-order. A pack containing three Linkett interface units, three digital media players and two months access to the management platform costs US$99.99.

“Linkett delivers engaging content to target audiences by turning average televisions into effective marketing engines through our mobile and motion technology,” says WestonExpressions founder and CEO Douglas Lusted. “This really grabs the attention of consumers in a much more personal way.”

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