Apple NFC rumours return

Apple iPhone 5S: Does this picture hold any clues that it includes NFC?
IPHONE 5S: Does this picture hold any clues that the next iPhone will include NFC?

A new round of rumours that the next iPhone will include NFC has begun to appear, as the probable September launch date of what is widely expected to be the iPhone 5S draws near. The rumours are based on two sources, one in the US and one in China.

The US source is an anonymous reader of PhoneArena who has told the blog that an entry has appeared in carrier Verizon’s database for “4g lte nano nfc sim cards”.

The second source is Sina Weibo blogger C Technology, who has posted photos of parts of what could be the next iPhone. The lines visible in the lower half of the image are being explained by some as belonging to an NFC antenna. To NFC World, however, they look more like machining marks.

What do readers think? Are there any grounds here for thinking Apple might at last be planning to support NFC?

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  1. I am convinced that Apple should take NFC to provide easy connection among such devices as speakers, headphones in terms of M2M not mobile payment in near future.

  2. Looking closely at the picture of the futur iphone frame, I’m sure that, these lines are not relate to any NFC antenna. These are more machining traces, results of digging into the aluminium frame.

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