Tap For Message adds NFC to gifts and greeting cards

An NFC enabled gift card holder from Tap For Message
TAP FOR MESSAGE: Send a video message with an NFC enabled gift card holder

US-based startup Tap For Message is using NFC to add personalised audio and video messages to greeting cards, stickers, hang tags and gift card holders.

NFC phone users can record their message using their smartphone before transferring the greeting to the gift or card by tapping the tag embedded in the gift label. The gift recipient then just taps or scans the label with their own phone and the message is played on their handset.

“The technology bridges the gap between social media and traditional paper based greetings,” says co-creator Kadeer Beg. “Social media cannot deliver a physical gift, and traditional paper based cards cannot deliver video messages.”

The labels can also be used for invitations to weddings, parties and corporate events, and the company offers integrated solutions for internet retailers so that buyers can send video messages with gifts they buy online.

A video shows Tap For Message in action:

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  1. I think this is a great idea for the future of gift cards. It also helps them to be more personal and shows you have put more effort into the process.

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