Report: Larry Page cancels Google Wallet card plan

Google CEO Larry Page has become personally involved in decisions surrounding the future direction of Google Wallet, AllThingsD reports, leading to the cancellation of plans to introduce a physical Google Wallet card and the departure of high profile product lead Osama Bedier.

Google CEO Larry Page
PAGE: Displeased with a glitchy demo

According to AllThingsD:

Google CEO Larry Page abruptly killed the card launch plan after he was displeased with a glitchy run-through demo last week. He had long been skeptical of a physical card solution, with several sources saying he felt it did not press forward innovation as payments startups like Square have done.

And as those plans fell apart, Bedier, VP of wallets and payments, was pushed out of the company.

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  1. So because Larry Page didn’t want to be embarrassed, Google is dropping their wallet card and fired the project manager? Microsoft wouldn’t have been able to introduce any new Windows versions for the last 20 years if that were the case with Bill Gates!

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