Airplus pilots NFC virtual cards for travel expenses

Business travel payment specialist Airplus is pilot testing a mobile wallet solution that generates virtual card numbers travellers can use to pay for travel expenses.


The solution expands on the company’s existing AirPlus AIDA software product, which enables a single use virtual MasterCard to be issued to customers so they can charge the cost of a travel purchase to their Airplus account for airlines, hotels and other locations that don’t accept Airplus itself, Business Travel News reports.

With the new NFC service, “travel managers can designate transaction amount limits, specify merchants and allow up to three uses for the virtual number,” the report explains. “For example, the number can be issued for $500 and be designated for use only at the Hilton Hotel in Singapore.”

In July 2012 SAP announced it is working with Airplus to offer NFC mobile payment facilities to business travellers.

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