Autosplice offers compact one piece contacts for NFC antennas

Autosplice's one piece surface mount antenna contact

Autosplice has introduced a range of compact, one piece surface mount contacts which, the company says, are ideally suited for NFC antennas built into smartphones and tablets.

“Typical existing antenna clips use multi-piece configurations that are manufactured through the assembly of the antenna contact terminal to an injection molded base, with separate fixing pins to support the SMD interface,” says Autosplice. “This approach increases complexity and quality risk, as well as increasing manufacturing costs.

“In contrast, the new Autosplice crush-proof antenna clips integrate both the antenna contact and the base into a unified single-piece stamping that improves reliability and reduces cost. Since the entire contact is formed from stamped copper alloy, contact resistance and mechanical stability during vibration are superior to multi-piece designs. In addition, the footprint of the one-piece contacts can be significantly smaller, requiring less PCB space and allowing for overall better fit, form and function.”

The Autosplice antenna clips are manufactured from stamped copper alloy material and are available in standard 13 inch tape and reel “for ease of pick and place assembly”. The clips are also available in a variety of heights to accommodate specific antenna and product design requirements.

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