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South West Trains provides passengers with special offers via NFC

The Tap4Offers platform has been installed in 360 of the UK rail operator’s carriages and platform provider KBH plans to extend the service to 6,000 carriages operated by eleven rail service providers later this year.

KBH has put 12 NFC and QR "touchpoints" in each of 360 carriages
KBH: Has put 12 NFC and QR “touchpoints” in each of 360 carriages

On-train media company KBH has introduced a new advertising service called Tap4Offers on 360 South West Trains carriages and plans to extend the service to 6,000 carriages and 11 UK train operating companies this year.

Each Tap4Offers touchpoint uses both NFC tags and QR codes to provide users with offers, deals and vouchers tailored to the interests of rail passengers. Each carriage includes twelve touchpoints.

“Since launch we have had over 10,000 users of the service,” KBH On-Train Media has told NFC World. “Of these 10,000 users, 33% of them have interacted with the service via the NFC tags.”

Passengers can also access the website by sending an SMS text to a number provided on the touchpoint poster. They will then be sent a link which directs them to the Tap4Offers platform.

There, passengers can find out more information about the special offers available as well as download coupons, video trailers and sample chapters from books.

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