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Pulse launches ultra-thin NFC antenna

The electronic components maker has introduced a ferrite sheet NFC antenna for mobile phones which, it says, is 40% thinner than comparable products available today.

Pulse Electronics has launched an NFC antenna which, it says, is 40% thinner than similar NFC planar ferrite sheet antennas while still meeting EMVCo’s NFC performance requirements.

The new Ultra-thin NFC Ferrite Sheet Antenna measures 35mm by 50mm by 0.185mm and is designed to be mounted on the inside surface of a mobile phone’s battery cover.

Pulse's ultra-thin NFC ferrite sheet antenna

The antenna is constructed of thin ferrite with one-sided flex and a thinner adhesive, the company says. “The contacts are in the antenna for easy implementation and a smaller area. To achieve the EMVCo target reading distance of 40mm the mechanics are optimized with the antenna. Pulse customizes its NFC antennas, matching the circuit values for the device, so tuning is all that is needed to integrate it into the mobile device.

“The NFC ferrite sheet antennas are RoHS compliant, come packaged in trays, and are ready for volume production. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be configured to a customer’s specifications. Pulse can optimize multi-antenna configurations with an NFC antenna for all-in-one solutions. In-house testing and measurement are done at Pulse Electronics.”

“Pulse’s new NFC antennas are not only thinner, but they have excellent signal integrity, can be customized to the varying sizes of handset mechanics, are easy to implement, and enable safe, non-contact, wireless communication for NFC connectivity to mobile devices,” says Maritta Timosaari, sales and marketing director for Pulse Electronics’ mobile division.

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