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London pub picks NFC for social media marketing

Customers of The Cavendish Arms pub in Stockwell, London, can tap their NFC phones to tags located around the premises to get special offers. Each tap sends a message to their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, telling them they are at the pub and detailing any events taking place at the venue that night.

An NFC tag at The Cavendish Arms
TAG: Pub-goers are invited to scan a poster to get a free drink. Click to enlarge.

The Cavendish Arms pub in Stockwell, London, has installed a platform developed by LifeSynk that uses NFC and QR codes to promote the venue via social media.

Customers scan the QR codes or tap their NFC phones to tags located throughout the pub to connect through Facebook and pick up a special offer, such as a free drink. When they do, a message is automatically sent to their friends on Facebook and Twitter that says they are at the pub and details current events, such as the band or comedian performing that night.

“The Cavendish Arms event planners can set up the messaging on Facebook, Twitter and email and schedule it to occur precisely when they want it to,” LifeSynk explains. “Monday to Wednesday is the open mic comedy event, and when people touch their phones on these days, specific info about the comedy is shared. Then on Thursday is something else and the messaging changes to reflect what’s going on, automatically, using the built-in scheduler.

“When users scan their phones, a message appears saying: ‘Thanks! Take this to the bar for your free drink’. The system doesn’t always have to give a free drink, though, and can be used to enter people into a competition. For instance, a competition to win free drinks for the night may be on offer and all those who scan their phones get entered into a draw.

“Giving away a free drink sounds expensive, but for each person who interacts with the system means a reach of 250 or more per user because of the friends who are exposed to their customised message.

“Asking people to Tweet or check in at pubs is difficult, they just don’t do it and also the pubs can’t control or track what is being said. When using LifeSynk, the pub gets all the control and users will follow the steps required to get their incentive.”

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