Inside Secure’s SIM card chipset adds NFC to standard mobile phones

NFC and contactless chip specialist Inside Secure has announced the availability of a new chipset that enables NFC payment capabilities to be added to standard mobile phones.

Inside Secure

New PicoPulse NFC RF front-end booster chips work in combination with Inside Secure’s VaultSecure multi-owner secure element chips, introduced last month, to enable all the elements needed to support card emulation and peer-to-peer mode transactions to be fitted into a standard SIM form factor.

“SIM cards based on the PicoPulse chip can be plugged into current mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices to cost-effectively transform them with the power of NFC functionality to enable more people to engage in mobile payment, transport, access control and other secure transactions,” says Inside Secure.

“The innovative PicoPulse chip significantly reduces the effects of the metals and electrical noise typically found within mobile phones and other mobile devices, enabling the Inside solution to use an antenna that measures 10mm by 5mm, yet still achieves industry-standard transaction performance, even when the SIM card is inserted into devices under or beside the battery.”

“SIM cards enhanced with our breakthrough PicoPulse chip offer a compact, cost-effective solution that mobile operators and other service providers can use to boost the deployment of devices that can be used for EMVco-compliant NFC mobile payments and other services, complementing NFC smartphone deployments,” explains Inside Secure’s Pierre Garnier.

PicoPulse and VaultSecure chips are available today in volume quantities, along with a complete reference design that OEMs can use to create SIMs, microSD cards and solutions in other formats.

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