New tag platform launches for retailers and brands

Product labelling supplier FineLine Technologies, NFC and QR code specialist ClikGenie and tag maker Smartrac have launched ClikSecure, an NFC-based service for brands and retailers.

FineLine and Clikgenie
CLIKSECURE: Offers product authentication and information via NFC

ClikSecure offers both product authentication for brands and information services for retailers within one service and uses NXP‘s Ntag and iCode chip technologies.

“The app has been developed to work with a variety of different ICs and NFC inlays,” Smartrac explains. “The inlays can be attached directly to the product or made as a separate label designed according to the brand owner’s graphics.”

A demonstration application has been developed that shows how the service could work for a wine maker. “Consumers may tap the inlay using any NFC-enabled phone to receive information the brand owner wants to share, such as details on the vineyard, wine ratings, food pairings, and tasting notes,” Smartrac explains.

More detailed information can also be provided via the same tag to authorized users carrying out product authenticity tests. “When the same inlay is tapped using a phone with the ClikSecure app, the product’s authenticity can be confirmed immediately. In addition to registering the UID of the chip itself, the unique phone serial number (SRN) will be registered for very high security. This ensures that only brand inspectors and other authorized users of the app can access detailed product information and easily and discretely identify fake products throughout the supply chain.”

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