University of San Francisco to extend NFC campus card service

An NFC solution that integrates fully with the university’s existing campus card system to enable students to access rooms and make laundry payments has been hailed as “a first-rate experience for our students and our staff” and is now to be expanded.

USF's NFC access control in action
USF: Students are using iPhones with NFC add-ons to open doors

The University of San Francisco (USF) is set to expand its use of NFC following the completion of an initial pilot project.

For the pilot, students living in a university residence hall were able to use an iPhone, equipped with an add-on NFC case which stored a virtual version of USF’s existing One Card solution, to gain access to the building and make payments in the laundry. The solution uses aptiQmobile NFC mobile credential technology, developed by Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, integrated with campus card specialist cBord’s CS Gold service.

“We want our use of near field communications to enhance the USF One Card experience on many levels, which is why we introduced it for both door access and laundry payment,” explains USF’s Jason Rossi. “Our students have embraced it, telling us they prefer the convenience of their iPhones to digging for their One Cards.

“This convenience is important to us,” Rossi adds, “but equally important is the security of using their existing contactless credentials, keeping our transactions secure. The combination makes for a first-rate experience for our students and our staff.”

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