MobileAdValley delivers NFC treasure hunt

MobileAdValley hid Microsoft Tags and NFC tags on a large poster. Users who scanned them won prizes.

Malaysian mobile advertising provider MobileAdValley has conducted a smart poster-based mobile treasure hunt using a combination of Microsoft Tags and NFC tags at the GoMobile 2012 event in Kuala Lumpur, the company’s Lim Tan has told NFC World.

The objective of the campaign was to promote the use of 2D barcodes and NFC tags to smartphone users, Tan explains.

“We had designed a campaign called Smart Poster Mystery Hunt where users are required to find and scan a custom Microsoft Tag that blends into the background design and also some NFC tags hidden behind the poster.

“Those who successfully found and scanned or tapped the tags got a free gift or a mobile voucher. The campaign was able to attract about 330 users during the three day event.

“The most interesting result is that age was not a barrier, and users ranging from below 10 to over 60 years old were enticed to use their smartphones to find and scan the tags.”

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