Smartrac delivers tiny tags

Smartrac's Midas tags

RFID tag maker Smartrac has added a new NFC tag to its range.

The new Midas tags have an antenna size of 10mm by 17 mm and a die-cut size of 12mm by 19mm. The tags have 144 bytes of memory and comply with the NFC Forum’s Type 2 tag requirements.

Midas tags are “ideal for NFC tagging of products with space restrictions, such as electronics and cosmetics,” says Smartrac, as well as “to link small objects with cloud services”.

“Due to its small footprint, the tag can be easily attached to electronics and various accessories allowing for a unique identification of the object while at the same time granting access to a broad range of services and options residing in the cloud,” the company explains.

“The Midas NFC tag is also well suited for applications where inlays are embedded with limited space available for housing such as electronics pairing, NFC-Bluetooth pairing, brand authentication, toy figures, and key fobs.”

Midas tags are available in sample volumes for testing today. Volume deliveries will begin at the end of June 2012.

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