New report provides an in-depth guide to NFC technologies and systems

A new research report by Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World, allows business executives to get up to speed quickly and easily with the current status and future developments in NFC tags, phones, secure elements, mobile wallets, OTA platforms, contactless terminals, TSMs and more.

Out now: NFC Technologies and Systems

A landmark new research report that provides business executives with the knowledge needed to make independent, informed decisions about NFC has been published by the producers of NFC World.

NFC Technologies and Systems covers everything from NFC tags to secure elements, phones, platforms, P2P, OTA provisioning, security and more. All aspects of NFC technology are included and they are all described in plain, clear language — no jargon, no unexplained technical terms and no endless acronyms; just the facts you need to make an independent assessment of the options available now and those that are likely to become available in the future.

“Secure NFC services are both highly complex and rapidly evolving,” says Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World and author of the new report. “It’s critical to business success that those with responsibility for making decisions about how to take advantage of NFC have the knowledge needed to make independent, informed choices.

“Now, with this new report, anyone can get fully up to speed with how NFC technology can be employed to maximum advantage — no prior knowledge of NFC, contactless or mobile technologies is required.”

NFC Technologies and Systems begins with an introduction to NFC, explaining the different functions NFC devices can perform and the different ways in which those functions can be applied to create real world use cases. It then sets out the ten key building blocks of NFC services and devotes detailed chapters to NFC pairing and sharing, NFC secure elements, NFC phones and NFC systems.

“Particularly important is the detailed information on NFC secure elements,” says Sarah. “Executives need to understand the full range of possibilities available, not just those being offered today. This report will help you understand what it’s possible for engineers to build and will save you time, money and effort as you put together your plans for NFC.”

Further details, a full table of contents, and information on how to order this new research report are available on the SJB Research website.

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