MasterCard certifies iPhone NFC solution

DeviceFidelity’s In2Pay iCaisse4 device has become the first NFC solution for Apple iPhones to be certified by MasterCard, allowing it to be used in commercial mobile PayPass deployments.

DeviceFidelity iCaisse NFC case for iPhone 4
ICAISSE: Adds NFC to iPhone

The iCaisse 4 is an iPhone case containing a DeviceFidelity NFC microSD card that works with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The solution integrates with the iPhone user interface, allowing iOS applications to interact with the NFC functionality offered by the iCaisse.

“Mobile wallets have broad consumer appeal but the market is hamstrung by the non- availability of these offerings on consumer preferred devices, such as the iPhone,” says Deepak Jain, CEO and co-founder of DeviceFidelity. “Together with MasterCard, we’re excited to be accelerating the reach of this exciting technology and strengthening the business case for issuers, merchants and wireless operators to bring their offerings to market.”

The iCaisse 4 is already being used in DeviceFidelity’s Moneto service, which lets anyone add NFC to their existing phone and use it to make prepaid card transactions.

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